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Massage Therapy

Comeau Health Care Associates Danvers MA

Massage therapy improves functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems,  and may improve the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness.

We invite you to try one of our Therapeutic Massages emphasizing the body, mind and spirit connection.  


Each session is specifically designed to meet your needs, and provides both physical benefits (breathing, joint, muscular, blood / circulation, and coordination) and psychological benefits (relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction) and positive emotions and attitudes.


Call today and book an appointment with one of our licensed Massage Therapists:

Appointments are available in 30 minute and 60 minutes sessions, and discounted plans are available for multiple bookings.  


Swedish Massage Therapy       

This is the most common type of massage therapy in the United States. It is also known simply as relaxation massage therapy. Massage therapists use long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using massage lotion or oil. Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle and relaxing. If you've never had massage before, this is a good one to try first.


Deep Tissue Massage      

 Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The massage therapist uses slower strokes or friction techniques across the grain of the muscle. Deep tissue massage is used for chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury. People often feel sore for one to two days after deep tissue massage.


Hot Stone Massage      

 Heated, smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to warm and loosen tight muscles and balance energy centers in the body. The massage therapist may also hold stones and apply gentle pressure with them. The warmth is comforting. Hot stone massage is good for people who have muscle tension but prefer lighter massage.


Pregnancy Massage 

Also called prenatal massage, pregnancy massage is becoming increasingly popular with expectant mothers. Massage therapists who are certified in pregnancy massage know the proper way to position and support the woman's body during the massage, and how to modify techniques.  Pregnancy massage is used to reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches and pains, and reduce anxiety and depression. The massage is customized to a woman's individual needs.



Although reflexology is sometimes called foot massage, it is more than simple foot massage.

Reflexology involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot that correspond to organs and systems in the body. Reflexology is very relaxing, especially for people who stand on their feet all day or just have tired, achy feet.


Sports Massage      

Sports massage is specifically designed for people who are involved in physical activity. But you don't have to be a professional athlete to have one - people who are active and work out often also use it.  The focus isn't on relaxation but on preventing and treating injury and enhancing athletic performance. A combination of techniques is used. The strokes are generally faster than Swedish massage. Facilitated stretching is a common technique. It helps to loosen muscles and increase flexibility.


Geriatric Massage      

Geriatrics is a medical term that refers to the health disabilities and impairments of old age. Geriatric Massage is a massage system that emphasizes treating specific physiological and psychological conditions associated with the aging process.


As a normal part of the aging process, the metabolism slows down, there are psychological, muscular, and connective tissue problems, which may be caused by stress, injury, wear and tear, or poor nutrition. Joints may become stiff, arthritic and painful; bone mass is reduced, and often leads to osteoporosis and brittle bones, and respiratory diseases such as smoking-related problems, asthma or bronchitis are more severe in older people.


Geriatric Massage can effectively treat many of these conditions. The massage can be active or passive in nature, depending on the needs and physical condition of the geriatric client.


It is recommended that all geriatric clients seek prior approval from their attending physician prior to receiving a massage.


Back Massage / Chair Massage      

We also offer 20-minute back massages, designed to be completed in a special massage chair, without the removal of your clothes.  This type of massage commonly focuses on your back, neck and shoulder areas, where most people typically carry their stress.


Polarity Massage      

Scientifically, polarity therapy works with the Human Energy Field; electromagnetic patterns expressed in mental, emotional and physical experience. There are three types of energy fields in the human body: Long line currents that run north to south on the body; transverse currents that run east-west in the body; and spiral currents that start at the navel and expand outward.


Polarity therapy is based on the belief that positive and negative poles exist in every cell within our bodies. The body is gently massaged to balance the positive and negative energies. In addition to physical stimulation, blockages and toxins can be eliminated through a gentle cleansing diet and simple exercises.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy taps into the body’s internal web of muscles and tissues to unlock common chronic and injury-related pains caused by tension and stress. 

Doing continuous movement can irritate tissue, which over time can lead to the development of trigger points. Ultimately, when tissues remain in a contracted state for long periods of time they can harden and create little nodules that massage therapists can pulsate and feel for during a trigger point massage.

Trigger point therapy helps reduce pain, relieve tension and promote a better range of motion. It’s a great tool for many to unlock an area, but it’s also great to increase circulation and help muscles regain full function.

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