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Comeau Health Care Associates

We provide private acupuncture treatments and personalized herbal therapy designed to minimize pain, reduce headaches, and improve wellness.

Acupuncture has been proven through controlled clinical trials to effectively treat -

  • Adverse reactions to radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy,

  • Allergic rhinitis (including hay fever)

  • Biliary colic

  • Depression

  • Dysentery acute bacillary

  • Dysmenorrhea, primary

  • Epigastralgia, acute (peptic ulcer, acute and chronic gastritis, gastrospasm)

  • Facial pain

  • Headache

  • Hypertension essential

  • Hypotension primary

  • Induction of labor Knee pain

  • Leukopenia L

  • Lowback pain

  • Malposition of fetus, correction of

  • Morning sickness

  • Nausea & vomiting

  • Neck pain

  • Dental pain

  • Periarthritis of shoulder

  • Postoperative pain

  • Renal colic

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Sciatica

  • Sprain

  • Stroke

  • Tennis elbow


We provide private acupuncture treatments and personalized herbal therapy designed to minimize pain, reduce headaches, and improve wellness.




Acupuncture treatments consist of inserting hair thin needles into the body to stimulate and promote the body's innate healing mechanisms.  Your comfort is a high priority at Inner Balance since the body's heal and repair response is active during times of deep relaxation and repose.  To that end, I make every effort to ensure your comfort and appreciate your feedback throughout the process.


My treatments are designed to reduce distressing symptoms, promote vitality, and restore optimism.  I will base your treatments on a thorough, personalized assessment given at the beginning of every visit.  Typically, there is a root treatment component followed by a local or symptomatic treatment.  The root treatment balances the underlying flow of vitality in the body so that the local treatments will be more effective and the results will last longer.  


Most acupuncture treatments at Inner Balance will use some form of adjunctive therapy.  Adjunctive therapies are used to promote circulation and relieve site-specific aches and pains.


Auricular Therapy, the ear is considered a representation of the body as a whole and can be needled to effect the flow of energy in the whole body.


Moxibustion involves burning small pieces of Mugwort Artemesia on acupuncture points or specific areas of tenderness.  Specific tender spots are called ah-shi points ("ah-sure").  Moxibustion encourages the flow of Qi & Blood, warms, and promotes healing in the local area.


Cupping applies negative pressure to the surface of the skin and rises congestion to the outer layer of the skin where the body can more readily metabolize and eliminate the stagnation.  Typically, there is a reduction in pain at the site of cupping, but there may also be bruising on the skin after cupping.  In my experience, most patients are willing to endure some slight bruising in exchange for a reduction of pain.  This discoloration should clear within several days.


Gua Sha (gwa-shah) involves scraping an instrument against the skin to relieve local congestion.  This technique also yields local bruising but it too will clear in several days.  



If you are uncertain whether acupuncture might benefit your particular condition, please feel free to give me a phone call or come by for a complimentary 30-minute consult.   We can discuss the particulars of your situation and whether or not acupuncture might be appropriate for your goals.



Should you decide to proceed with acupuncture, the first visit will be divided into two parts, the intake and the initial treatment.  During the intake we will review your health history, current concerns, and goals.  Together we will formulate an agreeable treatment plan.  The second part of the first visit will include an initial treatment.


Please allow an hour and a half for the first visit, in this way, I will be able to give you a thorough intake and a treatment.  Also, we will both have time for any questions we may have.  Subsequent treatments will have a significantly shorter intake portion, therefore they will be closer to one hour in length.  If you would like to streamline your first visit, feel free to download the health history form below, fill it out, and bring it with you to your first visit.


Shakuju Therapy


Shakuju therapy is an extremely gentle therapy developed by Shoji Kobayashi of Japan which does not puncture the skin.  It is suitable for children, the elderly, and anyone who would like a low stress introduction to therapy based on the circulation of Qi.  My teacher, Diane Iuliano, L.Ac., M.Ac., Dipl.Ac. introduced me to Shakuju therapy.  She is a founding member of the Shakuju Therapy Association of North America and was awarded the first certificate to teach Shakuju Therapy in the USA.  During my clinical rotation at the New England School of Acupuncture, I had the opportunity to refine my skills under the tutelage of Robert Gracey, L.Ac., M.Ac., Dipl.Ac.  Patients reported feeling much better after their Shakuju treatments and treatment progress is similar to insertive acupuncture therapy.  I feel fortunate to be able to offer this therapy to anyone for whom the thought of inserted needles is an insurmountable hurdle.


Herbal Therapy


For thousands of years, Chinese Herbal Medicine has a recorded history of addressing people's health concerns.  The herbal substances are primarily derived from plants, but some minerals and animal substances are used as well.  Please let me know if you are vegetarian, have allergies, or have specialized dietary needs as all herbal prescriptions can be customized.  The use of herbal medicine can support an acupuncture treatment or be used as a stand alone treatment.


It is my goal to use herbal medicine to support your health and I am most interested to integrate the use of herbs with your current use of Western pharmaceuticals.  I have access to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive database where I can check for drug-herb interactions and I would be happy to work with your physician should you like me to do so.


Herbal therapy can be consumed in the form of a pill, granules, or whole herbs which are decocted and drunk as teas.  My herbal pill suppliers, Golden Flower Chinese Herbs, Kan Herbals, Blue Poppy, and others take the utmost care to test their products for authenticity and purity.  At Inner Balance I use the New England School of Acupuncture as my dispensary for granules and whole herbs.  The dispensary works closely with their distributors to ensure the highest standards of processing and preparing herbal products for consumption.  Please feel free to follow the link to find out more about the NESA dispensary. 

Comeau Health Care Associates

Amy G. Rowe, Licensed Acupuncturist, Masters of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Amy is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine as a practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal therapy.  She graduated with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM) from the first acupuncture school in the United States, the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) in Newton, Massachusetts.  


Her course of study included training in Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture Styles as well as Chinese herbal medicine.  Her clinical experience included rotations at the PACE center for Seniors in Lynn, Pathways to Wellness in Boston, as well as the teaching clinic at NESA.  She finds great reward in assisting her patients on their journeys toward improved health in body, mind, and spirit.