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Physical Therapy

We also treat patients with difficulty walking, poor balance, and patients with inner ear disorder or dizziness


Our therapists have experience treating patients with neurological disorders including:

-- post stroke  -- Multiple Sclerosis -- Parkinson’s disease  -- spinal cord injury patients  


At Comeau Physical Therapy, we have chosen to specialize in manual therapy, which allows us to spend as much time as possible, one on one with our patients, understanding their conditions and the best way possible to aide in the healing process.  Each patient receives individualized care, education about their condition and exercises that can be completed easily at home to help aide in the healing process.


Comeau Physical Therapy is committed to helping each individual patient return to their highest level of function as quickly as possible with techniques including:


  • Range of motion, strengthening, postural correction, balance training and assistance in improving walking.  

  • Manual techniques including myofascial release, deep tissue mobilization, cross friction massage, joint mobilization and traction to improve motion and decrease pain, muscle tightness and spasm.

  • Modalities may be used to reduce pain and inflammation including ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and infrared laser.


Guaranteed Referral Appointments:


We understand that the referral patients are often in pain, and we will adjust our schedule to ensure openings for new patients.  We pride ourselves in being able to supply the best quality care possible, often within 48 hours of the initial call.  We offer physical therapy appointments Monday through Saturday and have available appointments as early at 730 am and as late as 6 pm to accommodate your schedule.


Massachusetts is a Direct Access state, which means patients have the freedom to choose their own physical therapist; however, some insurance plans require a referral or prescription from a physician before receiving Physical Therapy services.


Most insurance plans cover physical therapy services when provided by a physical therapist.  Some policies may require a co-payment at time of service.  Our office will ensure the patient is familiar with their policy and what insurance with cover versus what costs the patient may be responsible for.


Our office currently participates with most insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Tufts, Fallon, Harvard Pilgrim, Medicare, Medicaid, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Mass Carpenters and other trade unions and many others.

Comeau Physical Therapy will work with you to help treat a wide variety of issues and patients of all ages including children and patients of advanced age.


We treat a variety patient conditions including but not limited to:


  • pre-and post-surgery of the spine and joints

  • arthritis pain and dysfunction

  • chronic pain, muscle spasms, loss of motion and movement

  • weakness and injury from falls

  • injury from motor vehicle accidents

  • pain from recreational and sporting activities


Our staff includes three licensed, experienced outpatient Physical Therapists. We are a full source physical therapy facility, including 5 Physical Therapy treatment rooms, Ultra Sound and Electrical Stimulation, Exercise Bikes, Motorized incline adjustable rehabilitation treadmills, Free Weights and Balance Training Devices.

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Parry Comeau PT, DC, - Parry has a Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy from the University of New England in Biddeford ME, and a doctorate degree from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls NY.  Parry has experience as a table instructor for Activator Methods and teaching Cold Laser Therapy to practitioners and colleges.  Parry has been in practice for 25 years as a physical therapist and 20 years as a chiropractor.  He is the father of 2 children Connor age 16 and Katelyn age 12.  He currently lives in Lynn in a house his great grandfather built and he rebuilt 13 years ago. His favorite thing to do is spend time outside in nature with his family.

Kalyani Griddati, DPT, - Kalyani has a Doctorate degree from Husson University in Physical Therapy, as well as Bachelor of Technology Degree from Sri Venkateshwara University in India.  She is experienced in Acute Inpatient and orthopedic outpatient care as well as having worked at a skilled nursing facility.   Kalyani has been working as a Physical Therapist at Comeau Health Care Associates for the past three years, and recently received her Level I Certification (allowing for accurate differential diagnosis and fined tuned, in-depth anatomical and biomechanical principles and manual skills) from the Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (IOMT).  She volunteers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the Rehab Department, is married, and lives in Woburn. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Liza Rogers MPT, ATC - Liza received her Bachelor’s of Sports Medicine from Castelon University and her Master’s of Physical Therapy from the University of Vermont.  She has worked extensively with high school and collegiate athletes doing sports rehabilitation, pre-and post-season training.  She completed her Master’s Research Study on Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and has been treating patients with dizziness and inner ear dysfunction for 10 years.   Liza has completed over 150 hours of training in the John Barnes Myofascial Release manual technique seeing good success with this technique in treating patients with chronic neck pain.  She believes strongly in educating patients about their conditions and the human body to improve their overall health and outcome with physical therapy.  She also has experience working with patients with neurological deficits to improve quality of life and ability to maximize independence with walking and daily activities.