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Knights Personal Training

By teaching proper exercise techniques and body awareness to our clients, they are empowered to achieve their fitness goals so that they may continue to exercise on their own for a lifetime of fitness. The frequency of exercise sessions must be personalized to fit the client’s lifestyle and needs so that their exercise time is used most efficiently.

Owner and operator Eric Knight has been in the fitness profession since 1994. In 2003, Eric earned an Associate in Science degree from Northshore Community College and is now a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. He holds a certificate for personal training through the American Council Commission on Exercise (ACE), a National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited organization and is a certified boxing coach through USA Amateur Boxing (Level 2).


In addition, Eric has practiced various martial arts throughout his life and he holds a third degree brown belt in Niten Ichi Ryu. He has competed in both kickboxing and amateur boxing competitions.



Eric is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) and specializes in training clients with injuries and conditions that may not be handled by other trainers. Eric will consult with other health professionals such as the client's doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor to create an optimal exercise program.

•Total hip replacement

•Total knee replacement

•Multiple sclerosis/ Muscular Dystrophy

•Heart attack


•Many more


TRAINING PACKAGES - Free initial consultation


* Small packages of sessions varying from three, six to 12 one hour sessions for a single participant. All Sessions are one hour unless otherwise arranged.

* Twelve session package $660.00

* One session $70.00. (Only sold once to a customer to experience training)

* Three sessions $195.00

* Six sessions $360.00.


* Compare to other companies at $40.00 per 30 minute session or $59.00 per 45 minute session with a $ 5,900.00 commitment.


Special Savings Packages:


1. Small Group Training: Two to three clients may train together at the same time and may split the cost of training by the number of participants (12 session packages only).


2. Family and Friends Plan: Up to three people may train individually and collectively split the cost of a package of 12 sessions.


* For Small Group Training and Family and Friends Plan the cost will increase for more than three participants.

* For in home training a traveling fee may apply depending on town location.


Classes are available for corporate fitness programs




Knights Personal Training - Twice the results in half the time


The novice client needs to start an exercise program at a challenging intensity and progressively train to an optimal level to achieve their greatest health benefits.


An experienced exerciser will benefit from an expert critique and will learn new methods of training to add to their training regimen relieving boredom and plateaus.


Benefits: Transform your body!

•Cardiovascular Training

•Resistance training

•Balance & coordination training

•Nutritional Guidance

Knights Personal Training