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Nutritional Therapies For Health & Wellness

Holistic Hypnotherapy, HypnoCoaching and Energy Psychology

Laura helps clients move easily and rapidly through those issues which have been problematic. Using a combination of techniques, Laura designs and personalizes a session according to an individual's needs. Most issues can be resolved in three to six sessions.


Laura's holistic approach

Laura's approach is to bring you into harmony with the food you choose. Standard nutritional programs may have limited success, since each individual's biochemistry and mind/body patterns differ. Using lifestyle analysis, diet and stress evaluation, nutrition response and supplement testing, education and counseling, Laura helps clients find life-changing solutions for weight loss and personal goals. She offers private counseling and group classes. Six sessions or more are recommended.


Laura's specialties include:

• Physical - Weight, Female Complaints, Digestive Problems, Compulsive Eating, Fatigue, Medically Diagnosed Problems & more

• Mental - Self Esteem, Confidence, Clarity, Focus, Creativity, Motivation

• Emotional - Anger, Fear, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Insomnia

• Spiritual - Faith, Trust, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Life Purpose

• Life Transitions - Moving, Divorce, Job Changes, Losses, Relationships


Laura's Services and Specialties


For the Body:


Nutritional Therapies: Custom Nutrition for the 21st Century

Wise nutrition is one of the most powerful actions we can take to create radiant good health from the inside out. Standard nutritional programs may have limited success, since each individual’s biochemistry and mind/body patterns differ. Using lifestyle, diet and stress evaluation, Food Response Testing, consultation and education, Laura helps clients find life changing solutions for weight loss and other nutritional goals. Nutritional Therapies offers strategies for emotional eating patterns, digestive complaints, women’s needs, medically diagnosed problems, fatigue, and more.


For the Mind and Spirit:

Energy Psychology Strategies for Quantum Change

Hypnotherapy and Creative Imagery for Stress RELIEF

Using a form of hypnotherapy that addresses the client's highest wisdom. Unwanted stress, habits, imbalance, fears can be released, transformed and replaced with relaxation, confidence, self esteem, motivation, personal growth and success.


Energy Work and Soul Integration

A combination of mind/body processes based on the subtle energy system. Releasing blocked energy can benefit health, relationships, abundance, and career. Techniques may include Reiki, alphabet tapping, clearouts, and crystals healing.


HypnoCoaching, Life Path and Intuitive Guidance

Guidance and Coaching, both intuitive and practical, helps by creating direction and goals especially during times of transition.


Age and Past Life Regression

A form of deep relaxation in which clients are able to access information which may be needed to resolve emotional, relationship or health issues. Going back in time may heal present life concerns, phobias, and other matters.


Laura R. Zohman, MA, LDN, CHT


Laura R. Zohman has been a practicing nutritionist and holistic educator for 20 years. She is licensed in nutrition, certified in nutrition and gnosis, and is a Reiki master. She has taught nutrition at Northeastern University and other colleges. He spent nine years as a nutritional consultant for a medical practice and a reproductive health center. She continues to teach at colleges, holistic centers, hospitals, businesses, and counsels private patients in Danvers in Salem Massachusetts.


Laura helps clients transform outdated behaviors into healthy, self-nursing ones that support positive healthy life changes. As a former fatty, Laura learned firsthand, the life skills necessary to maintain ideal weight in good health. It is her privilege to teach others optimum “wellness from the inside out”


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Holistic Nutritional Therapies for Health and Wellness

"Let food be your best Medicine," said Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Nutrition is the basis of ongoing good health. The foods we eat provide the raw materials for the constant rebuilding of our body tissues. Wise nutrition is one of the most powerful actions we can take to create radiant good health at the cellular level. When our cells are happy, we are healthy.


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